My mother used to say that I have a rich fantasy. I cannot blame her, I have. When I watched comics on TV when I was a child, I usually pretended that these cartoon characters really existed and I dreamed about adventures I would take part in with these little creatures. Until the day I started to see a small person every now and then. At first I thought I was hallucinating (I guess children find it much easier to accept things as they come). But then I started to observe them. And soon I found out that there are lots of them. You just have to stop running around and take the time to see what's around you. And when you do, you might see what I see: the small things that make life worth living.

I made some small boxes to show you what I see when I take a close look to what happens around me. These boxes are handwork. The frames have been constructed from blank ayous wood. The photos inside the boxes are C-prints (Lambda-prints) and the little persons have been made by Preiser. The scenes have been safely put behind museum glass, to minimise reflections. You can hang the boxes on a wall using a small magnet that will be delivered with the box alongside with instructions on how to attach it.